Boot dryer 3 to 16 pairs : HYGIfeet Midget

Boot dryer 3 to 16 pairs : HYGIfeet Midget

Boot & shoe dryer 100% stainless steel (304L) 3 to 16 pairs.

Boot dryer in stainless steel 304L from 3 to 16 pairs. HYGIfeet Midget : one of a kind concept especially designed to receive metal or HPL laminate changing room lockers. Space saving, optimized comfort & ergonomics and strengthened hygiene ! HYGIfeet Midget “highlights”:

Laboratoire d'analyses vétérinaires Hygitec

  • rational and an orderly layout of the boots and shoes in a minimum of space. Each operator has his pair of boots or shoes dried and disinfected under his own locker,
  • a châssis with a perfect ergonomics allowing the mounting of specific height changing room lockers (metal or HPL laminate),
  • a perfect waterproofing boot dryer structure thanks to special covers including chicanes,
  • proven disinfection process, the technology used had been subject to Laboratory tests showing the real disinfection properties (see synthesis of the Veterinary Analysis report). Bad smells in the changing room will just remain a bad souvenir!





Structure (boot dryer)

  • Capacity from 3 to 16 pairs
  • Single or double-sided configuration
  • Construction 100% stainless steel 304L
  • Tube holder in stainless steel with open/closed valve
  • Water or foam washable
  • Delivered on adjustable stainless steel/plastic feet
  • Options boot dryer : 3-slat chassis integrated bench


Drying/disinfection/desodorisation (boot dryer)

  • Cooling system coupled with a heating element
  • Disinfection and deodorization through a germicidal ozone lamp (no addition of chemical products)
  • Cycle programming via Programmable clock
  • Cycle duration : 1 h 30 mn
  • Tested and appoved by a Veterinary Analysis Laboratory  

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