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HYGITEC is the market leader in Europe for the drying and disinfection of work clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE). For more than 20 years, HYGITEC has been designing and manufacturing solutions for professionals in France.


Founded in 1998 in Cognin, Savoie, HYGITEC has been working for the food industry from the outset.

2007, the company is bought by Chatel Participation, in order to diversify the group's activities.

2008, HYGITEC moves to Viviers du Lac, in the same building as its design office.

2015, the Acti Participation holding company is created, HYGITEC is transferred from Chatel Participation to Acti Participation.

2019, to support the development of HYGITEC, the construction of a new building is launched, still at Viviers du Lac, in the Savoie Hexapôle park, where HYGITEC is moving alongside Chatel Reprographie in July 2020.



HYGITEC is responsible for the design and manufacture of its drying and disinfection solutions in Savoie, in its building located at Viviers du Lac, between Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains. Since 2020, the 12 HYGITEC employees have been working in a 900 m2 building, where the various activities of the company are articulated:

  • Production workshop
  • Storage
  • Sales department
  • Administration & management



The HYGITEC company is founded on a system of values, in which each employee and partner of the company recognizes and fits.

Know how

Our core business is technical and specific. If our company is recognized today in France and internationally, it is thanks to the unique skills that have made it possible year after year to design and manufacture quality solutions.


Real added value of our offer, innovation is part of our daily life to offer professionals ever more performance, comfort and practicality, on the one hand thanks to the Ozone technology which guarantees the treatment of PPE, and on the other hand with our HYGIconnect service to control devices remotely ...


We offer reliable, legitimate solutions, the effectiveness of which is proven by an independent laboratory, and recognized by our peers. We are close to our customers, with whom we forge a real relationship of trust, with one goal: to ensure their satisfaction.


We have always made it a point of honor to remain flexible and agile to meet the needs of our customers regardless of their sector of activity. Responsive and available, our teams know how to adapt to serve projects, including tailor-made!



HYGITEC puts its know-how at the service of its customers, with the aim of securing the work environment of the end user. This improvement in the individual conditions of the employee is virtuous: he feels better, respected, considered, safe, but also more efficient. We work every day with this goal in mind: to contribute to a safer, healthier world and work, where comfort, hygiene and respect for everyone take precedence.

"Protect the individual to allow living together"

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    % of satisfied customers

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    years of device life

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    analysis report by an independent laboratory

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Le mot de la direction


Nos solutions associent séchage et désinfection. En tant que professionnel, équipez-vous d'appareils dont la technologie certifiée permet d'éliminer les virus, bactéries et germes. Grâce aux solutions HYGITEC, vous améliorerez le confort, la sécurité et la performance de l'utilisateur.
Experts depuis 1998, nous concevons et fabriquons en France. Nos produits sont reconnus à l'international.