Presentation of the Hygitec team

Women and men

Since 1998, our team has been solving the problems of drying and disinfecting professional equipment. Thanks to our efficient disinfection technology and our unique know-how, we are mobilized every day to equip and satisfy our customers with our innovative solutions.


Located near Aix-les-Bains, on the Savoie Hexapôle business park, our company occupies a 900 m2 building, since the year 2020.

Historically, it is our Savoyard environment that has prompted us to imagine a drying and disinfection technology for winter sports equipment.

Then, in the 90s, we began to extend our expertise in gas treatment to the food industry, which presented more challenges and issues. Other clients in new professional environments have since been won over by our technology and services. Today we are the market leader in the drying and disinfection of work clothes and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our solutions have been proven over time, they continue to be improved, and we want to bring them ever more innovation, to cover the needs of many sectors of activity, and ensure the treatment of a wide variety of equipment. individual!


HYGITEC are women and men divided into 4 poles:


Studying the needs of our customers and providing technical answers has been our daily life since 1998! Ozone gas treatment, functioning of HYGITEC solutions, product development, or even development of the HYGIconnect range: this is the daily life of our technical teams. They are also the ones who provide after-sales service with our customers.


As a professional, whatever the size of your company or your sector of activity, we are attentive to your needs, and know how to guide you towards adapted solutions: according to the volume and the nature of the PPE to be treated, depending on the organization of work in your company, the space available to place the solutions, etc. We will also be keen to study your request to carry out a tailor-made project, if your need is very specific.


In a workshop of 300 m2 and a storage space of 440 m2, with the greatest care, our teams ensure the manufacture of the various HYGITEC solutions, before their delivery to customers.


As in any company, this pole takes care of all the administrative tasks, essential to make the company function!

Vous aimeriez rejoindre notre équipe dans l'un de ces 4 pôles ? On en parle...