Hygiconnect: connected control system

Mobile and web app

Do the health obligations and specificities of your business or your processes require a more accurate adaptation of your equipment? Do you want to control your devices remotely? Benefit from a visual monitoring platform anytime, wherever you are? React quickly to a maintenance case? Be able to optimize your energy consumption? Do you want to be notified in real time in the event of a malfunction? Have permanent traceability and quality monitoring? Do you want to entrust a professional with the monitoring and maintenance of your devices?


HYGIconnect is a remote control, monitoring and diagnostic solution that equips the entire range of HYGITEC devices.

HYGIconnect has been designed and developed as a solution to meet the expectations and specific needs of users with severe health constraints or obligations (agrifood, pharmaceuticals, chemicals,firefighters, etc.). This connected machine solution allows you to take remote control of your device at any time for tailor-made management of your needs:

  • Control and supervision
  • Checking and modifying the settings
  • Automatic sending of periodic alerts by SMS
  • Preventive maintenance diagnosis
  • Maintenance follow-up
  • Consultation of visit reports
  • Management of firmware updates
  • The client-web interface
  • Productivity and energy consumption indicators T
  • he different instructions for use and technical tutorials
  • FAQ


HYGIconnect is a subscription-based solution that allows you to entrust a professional with the management of your devices in order to devote yourself exclusively to your business.

HYGIconnect is available for your PCs, tablets and smartphones.



HYGIconnect is a simple and intuitive tool to help you remotely manage your disinfection cycles and the maintenance of your devices.