Glove dryer: drying, deodorization and disinfection

Glove dryer: drying, deodorization and disinfection

Hygitec offers a complete range of glove dryers. Open" tube or "closed" cabinet units. Capacities range from 5 to 30 pairs. The glove dryers are equipped with a ventilation system coupled with a heating element. The disinfection system via germicidal lamp is integrated as standard. The possible finishes are: epoxy steel or stainless steel 304L. The HYGIfeet G units are equipped with the exclusive Hygitec "Flip" system which accepts any type of glove and avoids air loss. The glove drying cabinet system will ensure that the glove is treated inside and out.

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  • HYGIgrip


    Glove dryer

    from 5 to 30 pairs, fixed or on casters

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  • HYGIbox One G

    HYGIbox One G

    Gloves dryer cabinet

    20 or 30 pairs, the drying cabinet for the gloves

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