Boot dryer 20 to 60 pairs: HYGIfeet Maxi

Boot dryer 20 to 60 pairs: HYGIfeet Maxi

Boot dryer in stainless steek from 20 to 60 pairs.

HYGIfeet Maxi : the market benchmark in term of drying and disinfection for boots, shoes and gloves. Easy handling, quality and reliability ! HYGIfeet Maxi “highlights”:

Laboratoire d'analyses vétérinaires Hygitec

  • a boot dryer with a unique tubular structure avoiding any dust retention and water runoff for an easy cleaning,
  • a perfect waterproofing thanks to special covers including chicanes,
  • an unrivalled versatility thanks to the HYGIfeet Flex offering the possibility to extend the boot dryer capacity according to the workforce,
  • proven disinfection process, the technology used had been subject to Laboratory tests showing the real disinfection properties (see synthesis of the Veterinary Analysis report),
  • an unparalleled efficiency, the tube holders of the boot dryer are equipped with a round PEHD valve protecting the internal trimming of the boots or shoes and mounted with a spring valve avoiding air losses (valve activated with the weight of the shoe).





Structure (boot dryer)

  • Capacity from 20 to 60 pairs
  • Single or double-sided configuration
  • Construction 100% stainless steel 304L (brushed)
  • Tube holder in stainless steel equipped with an open/closed valve
  • Water or foam washable
  • Delivered on casters, adjustable feet or wall mounting (clamps)
  • Options boot dryer: HYGIfeet Flex, Tube holder for gloves or waders, Pair numbering/identification


Drying/disinfection/deodorization  (boot dryer)

  • Cooling system coupled with a heating element
  • Disinfection et deodorization through a germicidal ozone lamp (no addition of chemical products)
  • Cycle programming via Digital programmable clock or automatic start/stop
  • Cycle duration : 1 h 30 mn
  • Tested and approved by a Veterinary Analysis Laboratory

Boot dryer data sheet

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