Drying locker 8 to 12 work garments: HYGIbox Twin

Drying locker 8 to 12 work garments: HYGIbox Twin

Drying locker for 8 to 12 work garments made in epoxy paint or 100% stainless steel. HYGIbox Twin : the ideal “all in 1” solution to store, dry and disinfect all your work clothes and accessories. A versatile, efficient and economical Drying locker ! The “pros” of HYGIbox Twin :

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  • cooled drying locker with a wide layout versatility offering the possibility to store, dry and disinfect jackets, trousers, suits, gloves and helmets easily,
  • extreme flexibility and simplicity of use through a timer (manuel programming) or Programmable clock (automatic cycle). No useless and tedious adjustments, temperature and speed of drying are handled automaticaly.
  • safe devices, all our drying lockers comply with the lates norms in force,
  • Proved disinfection technology beeing tested by a Vetirinary test Laboratory (see Laboratory report synthesis).






Structure (Drying locker)

  • Capacity: 8 to 12 complete work garments (shoulder thickness: 60 mm)
  • Welded single frame construction epoxy paint or 304L stainless steel
  • Comply with the NF norm n° D65-760
  • Air distribution box made of 100% stainless steel (304L)
  • Equipements : Shelf, hanger rod and padlock locking system
  • Delivered on adjustable feet (stainless steel spindle)
  • Options : Integrated boot/glove dryer, Glove holder, Sloping roof, Digital programmable clock, Door locking system by code


Drying/disinfection/deodorization (Drying locker)

  • Cooling system coupled with a heating element
  • Disinfection guaranteed by germicidal lamp with ozone production that totally eliminates bacteria responsible of bad smells and skin diseases
  • Cycle programming through Timer and Programmable clock
  • Cycle duration : Drying (0 h 45 min. – normal perspiration) / Disinfection (1 h 30 min.)
  • Sanitazing abilities tested and approved by a Veterinary
    Analysis Laboratory

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