Shoe drying cabinet 30 to 50 pairs : HYGIstore Prime

Shoe drying cabinet 30 to 50 pairs : HYGIstore Prime

Shoe drying cabinet in epoxy paint or stainless steel for 30, 40 or50 pairs. HYGIstore Prime : The large volume solution to store, dry and disinfect shoes, glogs and mocassins together. A powerful, efficient and economical shoe drying cabinet ! :

Laboratoire d'analyses vétérinaires Hygitec

  • a shoe drying cabinet with unique features, solid thanks to its welded single body of 2 mm, waterproof resistant (IP55) and its mechanical strength (IK08),
  • a flexible use, Timer for time to time cycles or Programmable clock for automatic cycles and the Ecodry  system giving the possibility to save energy during summer time,
  • a proven disinfection process, the technology used had been subject to Laboratory tests showing the real disinfection properties (see synthesis of the Veterinary Analysis report)





Structure (Shoe drying cabinet)

  • Capacity from 30 to 50 pairs
  • Single frame welded construction in epoxy paint or stainless steel 304L (brushed)
  • Air distribution unit in stainless steel 304L
  • Frame thickness : 2 mm
  • Waterproofing : IP55 – Shock resistance : IK08
  • Delivered on adjustable stainless steel feet (H. 140 mm for floor washing) and wall fastening
  • Options : Casters, Filter (carbon & HEPA), Air extraction ready, Programming clock


Drying/disinfection/deodorization (Shoe drying cabinet)

  • Cooling system coupled with a heating element
  • Disinfection and deodorization through germicidal ozone lamp (no addition of chemical products)
  • Cylcle programming via a Timer
  • Cycle duration : 0 h 45 mm (classical perspiration) / 2 h 30 (after washing)
  • Tested and approved by a Veterinary Analysis Laboratory

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