Shoe drying locker 4 to 20 pairs : HYGIcase

Shoe drying locker 4 to 20 pairs : HYGIcase

Shoe drying locker 100% stainless steel for 4 to 20 pairs.

HYGIcase : the most compact solution on the market to store, dry and disinfect shoes, clogs and moccasins at the same time. Compact, efficient and design shoe drying locker ! HYGIcase “highlights” :

Laboratoire d'analyses vétérinaires Hygitec

  • an ultra compact construction for this shoe dryer that allows a maximum storage, drying and disinfection in a minimum of space,
  • a wide choice of 6 different capacities in order to fit the best to any requirement,
  • an isolated structure that ensures to the shoe drying locker an internal and external treatment of the shoes for a total hygiene,
  • a proven disinfection process, the technology used had been subject to Laboratory tests showing the real disinfection properties (see synthesis of the Veterinary Analysis report).





Structure (Shoe dryer)

  • Depth shoe drying locker : 200 mm
  • Capacity from 4 to 20 pairs
  • Indepedent and swivelling drawers
  • Construction 100% stainless steel 304L (1.4307) brushed
  • Sloping roof
  • Delivered on adjustable feet (from 10 pairs) and wall fastening
  • Options shoe dryer : Ajustable stainless steel feet (H. 140 mm), Padlock door locking, Pair drawer partion, Pair numbering/identification label


Drying/disinfection/deodorization (Shoe dryer)

  • Cooling system coupled with a heating element
  • Disinfection and deodorization through a germicidal ozone lamp (no addition of chemical products)
  • Shoe drying locker cycle programming via a Programmable clock
  • Cycle duration : 1 h 30 mn
  • Tested and approved by a Veterinary Analysis Laboratory

Shoe drying locker

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