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N ° 1 supplier of EMS studios in France

01.12.2020 Achievements

To protect coaches and athletes in EMS studios, brands turn to Hygitec, the only process suitable for the treatment of their equipment.

A little history

The discovery of electrical muscle stimulation dates back to the Declaration of Human Rights. It was Luigi Galvani (1791) who provided the first scientific proof that current can activate muscles. However, it was not until the end of the 18th century that it was used in therapy.

It is in Germany that electrostimulation strength training is spreading as a physical activity and sport. EMS is the abbreviation for Electro-Myo-Stimulation which stands for muscle electrostimulation. Used for many years by physiotherapists and high-level athletes, muscle electrostimulation is becoming more and more common.


Cutting-edge technology

Since 2018, a new trend combining personalized coaching and new technologies has emerged: muscle electrostimulation.

Electrical stimulation is a new way to activate muscles. With this technology, you can stimulate up to 350 muscles at the same time.

The muscles of the human body are naturally controlled by the nervous system. By sending signals, the brain causes muscle contraction. Electrical stimulation is based on the same principle, however the stimulation is transmitted by a foreign body. This technology, recognized by the medical profession, makes it possible to obtain the results of a 4-hour exercise session in 20 minutes.

In traditional sports training only the superficial muscles are activated. The impulses sent by electrical stimulation activate every little muscle in the human body. With EMS, it is possible to reduce imbalances in the body. Thus, avoid the problems that commonly occur during traditional training. By using electrostimulation regularly and by training the muscles in depth, the body is toned and firmed. Beneficial effects for back problems have also been observed.


Optimal technical & sanitary safety

One of the issues for EMS studios is the disinfection of electrostimulation vests. Each EMS studio must provide hygiene and comfort to its customers. During a session all muscle groups are used, perspiration and bad odors are embedded in the suits / vests.

Hygitec becomes the No. 1 supplier of EMS studios in France. Thanks to the Hygitec changing rooms, the coveralls are dried, disinfected and deodorized while preserving the technical properties of the clothes and accessories. The controlled concentration of ozone does not create any corrosion on the cables and electrodes of EMS equipment.



Hygitec becomes the No. 1 supplier to Ems studios in France. Thanks to Hygitec changing rooms, no odor on Ems outfits, hygiene at the highest level, no use of chemicals, less time for equipment maintenance, more time for its customers.