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ZenForm, HYGITEC's partner in the EMS market

10.12.2021 Company

With the development of EMS, Hygitec turned to ZenForm, a specialist in this market, to offer a drying and disinfection solution to EMS studios.

EMS, The rise of electrostimulation

Muscle electrostimulation (EMS) is becoming more and more widespread in France and Europe. At a time when time has become a commodity, the possibility of optimising one's sports session is a concept that is of increasing interest. The EMS allows its users to obtain the results of a 4-hour sports session in just 20 minutes. With the success of the concept, EMS centres are becoming more and more numerous throughout the country and, with them, new problems are emerging. ZenForm and Hygitec combine their skills to be as close as possible to the needs of these centres.

ZenForm-Hygitec, an alliance of specialists

Since 2017, ZenForm has positioned itself as a leader in the market of equipment and accessories for electrostimulation centres (EMS) in France.
Cyril Fiévet, manager of ZenForm:
"The electrostimulation market has been booming for several years, we have to adapt constantly to meet the expectations of EMS studios by offering them equipment that is both innovative and also competitively priced.
Thanks to HYGITEC's know-how and our knowledge of the market, the marketing of the HYGIBOX ozone locker is a real success because it has met an expectation in terms of drying, disinfecting and deodorizing EMS waistcoats and suits.

To date, more than 300 electrostimulation centres are equipped with it in France and Europe.

HYGIbox One EMS, the EMS solution

By combining ZenForm's knowledge of this market with Hygitec's technology, we have launched HYGIbox One EMS, the first drying and disinfecting locker room specifically designed for EMS.
With HYGIbox One EMS, you can take care of your equipment while ensuring the comfort and safety of your customers. This changing room has been specially designed to respond to the problems of EMS and to allow the maintenance of suits, waistcoats and shorts with a minimum of effort and a maximum of time savings. Indeed, with our technology, simply place your waistcoats or suits on hangers inside the changing room, the device takes care of the rest! Save time and avoid the tedious task of unwiring/rewiring.
Our ozone disinfection technology ensures that the properties of your equipment are preserved and their life span is extended.


Hygitec relies on ZenForm for the sale of its drying and disinfecting lockers to EMS centres.