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Hygitec enters the field

01.06.2020 Product focus

In football, shoe care directly influences the performance of players. Being well hung is therefore essential to play in good conditions.

A very successful sport

Football, born in the middle of the 19th century in Great Britain, became the following century the most popular sport in the world. But why do we love football so much? Quite simply because it is a universal sport accessible to all, all you need is a round object, some friends and 4 stones to make the goals. Football has 265 million players around the world.


Hygitec, the 12th man

AS Monaco, OL, PSG, Rennes and several other training centers wish to guarantee comfort and hygiene to their players.

Football boots require careful maintenance. Certain cleaning methods and tools deteriorate the studs.

No matter how fast or how far they run, in the locker room players have to deal with something else: bad smells. The smell comes from bacteria and to get rid of it it is important to attack the bacteria that cause it. Be careful, shoe deodorants can cause allergies. Suitable equipment is therefore recommended.


Well in his shoes

The two dominant brands in the football shoe market are Nike and Adidas. The player's cleats are high-end models that have features that are a change from traditional football boots. They have been designed to optimize the control and touch of the ball but also to correctly support the ankles of the players. It is therefore important to take care of them without damaging them.


Football clubs trust us

Several football clubs have chosen Hygitec for the virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal treatment of footballers' shoes.

Hygitec shoe dryers allow drying, disinfection and total elimination of bacteria responsible for bad odors and ailments thanks to a germicidal ozone-forming lamp. Our devices preserve the technical properties of shoes and extend their lifespan without the addition of odorous chemicals.



Hygitec participates in the hygiene and health of football players.